Welcome to serenity, calmness and warmth.....Welcome to Lauren's Face the Day.

In a world where relaxation is hidden by hectic schedules and everyday chaos; there

is a place where calm is restored, bodies are rejuvenated and spirits are nurtured.

Lauren’s Face the Day wants you to experience what you may have thought was forever lost. Experience Relaxation…




The purpose of Lauren’s Face the Day is to provide relaxation and optimal skin care using natural products. The primary message we want our clients to know is that Lauren’s Face the Day is an escape from everyday chaos.



At Lauren's Face the Day, we offer a complete line of relaxing and rejuvenating day spa services. Our indulgent selection of pampering treatments include individually designed facials, herbal body wraps and massage. Our professionals are also trained in more advanced skin care treatments such as microdermabrasion and an assortment of PCA peels. We also offer post-surgical treatments that speed up the recuperation after cosmetic surgery in addtion to Endermologie treatments proven to reduce the appearance of cellulite. We offer personalized services to help your skin achieve that "wow" effect. With our estheticians each having over 20 years of experience; we invite you to explore our skin care services. Experience quality service...



"Bringing relaxation, tranquility and peace to the day; one face at a time"



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